Sample 3




  It is the feeling of heat and comfort leaving the body. The air and earth steal from us our warmth, snatching it from our skin and hearts. To our immediate perception, Cold is evil. It gives us nothing in return for its theft of our happiness.

            True, cold takes from us our comfort and, potentially, our very lives. Yet... it gives us something we take for granted. Cold provides motivation to seek the things that make us happy. As we walk through the frigid world, we begin to feel a great desire. We want nothing more than to possess comfort, warmth, happiness, respite. We are reminded of the things we have, and of the things we miss, and of the things we desire most.

            Cold stings the skin and chills the breath. As such, our hairs stand up on end, as if reaching out for something. Our breath becomes visible, reminding us that it is real and precious. If we follow our skin and our breath, we find the things that bring us what we need so badly. We find home.

The feeling of cotton against our icy skin.

The taste of our favorite meal, heated to perfection.

The energy in a room filled with friends and family.

The embrace of a loved one.

            The Cold spurs us onward, sends us from our misery, and points us in the direction of bliss. It takes from us our warmth, only to remind us not to take the best things in life for granted. And soon, as we hold each other tightly, surrounded by the sounds and smells of life's greatest gifts, we will watch the world spring from its frozen slumber, giving back to us what it merely borrowed.

            And to the world outside, we return.